Install motor related equipment in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC); local electrical safety codes and practices; and, when applicable, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).

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Electric motor installation guide

Step 1:  Before servicing motors and motor operated equipment, disconnect power supply from motors and accessories.  Use safe working practices during servicing of equipment.

Step 2:  Remove and clean all debris from the motor, especially the cooling fins if applicable.

Step 3:  If applicable, remove the eyebolt.

Step 4:  Measure out conduit box and the eyebolt from the motor to the motor cover (See dotted lines).  Make sure there is plenty of room for the conduit box cover to mount onto the motor cover.  (Note for TEFC motors: Make sure angled portion of the motor cover is overhanging the fan and grill of the motor.)

Step 5:  If applicable, drill a hole for the eyebolt to the top of the cover.

Step 6:  Cut opening for the conduit box.

Step 7:  Glide the motor cover onto the motor.

Step 8:  If applicable, screw eyebolt into place.  (Note:  Often times, a washer can be used between the motor cover and eyebolt for best security).

Step 9:  Attach the conduit box cover onto the motor cover using sheet-metal screws.

​CAUTION:  Precautionary methods (such as safety goggles, breathing masks, gloves, etc.) are to be used when working with fiberglass reinforced plastics.