Features & Benefits of Installed RexMotorCover™

Rex Motor Cover cools electric motors extending their life.

RexMotorCover™ offers a perfect solution for protecting motors and helping them get the most out of motor life.  Creating a virtual cooling tunnel while also limiting debris, water, and chemicals from entering in, on, and around the motor promotes ventilation.  Even clean new motors in an ideal industrial environment will experience heat reductions.  Listed below are three motor cover features, each with a short description on how they will benefit motor life.

RexMotorCover™ creates a "virtual cooling tunnel" effect, which forces air currents onto the cooling fins.  Because of the close proximity between the motor and the cover, all air created by the fan, flows the full length of the motor and cooling fins. One of the worlds leading producers of electric motors recently concluded "only about 20 percent of the airflow created by fans of conventional motors stays in the channels between the fins."  It is quite apparent that with nearly 100 percent of the air flowing across the motor, heat is dissipated with better efficiency and the motor experiences a lower operating temperature.  This creates a longer bearing and winding life.  According to the electric motor industry's general rule of thumb "Every 10°C reduction in temperature doubles life expectancy."  In research of another leading motor manufacturer on RexMotorCoversô, they determined the covers to lower totally enclosed fan cooled motor temperatures by about 20°F and in dirty environments 40°F.

RexMotorCovers™ are perfectly shaped to deter debris from entering in, on, or around electric motors.  The motor cover is cylindrical in shape to wrap around the motor.  Because of its cylindrical shape, debris normally slides off the cover preventing debris build-up and often times an insulation effect.  The horizontal cover also extends past the fan end of the motor to help prevent debris from entering the motor at an angle. RexMotorCovers™ will in turn prohibit debris from covering crucial ventilation components possibly even insulating the motor.

RexMotorCovers™ greatly reduce water and chemical exposure as well.  This reduction is vital to a motor’s life when insulation degradation is considered.  Without proper insulation capabilities, heat rises and the life of the motor is shortened.  Another large concern with water and chemical exposure is bearing contamination.  Many times, chemicals break down motor bearing lubrication and although it may not be apparent, it is estimated that about 20% of bearing failures are due to bearing contamination.  RexMotorCovers™ have a high chemical resistance to most harsh chemicals and are perfectly shaped to limit this chemical exposure.

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