RexMotorCover™ extends the life of your electric motors with industrial motor covers

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Small and big motor cover

6.  Durability and lightness makes for fast and easy installation.  Removal for motor maintenance is very simple.

7. RexMotorCovers™ perfectly shield electric motors from hot, wet, corrosive, dirty, and other weathering conditions that immediately or eventually damage and burnout motors.

8. RexMotorCovers™ have excellent resistance to chemicals and they are non-conductive as they are made out of special fiberglass reinforced plastic

9. There are almost 400 mills using over 250,000 our motor covers for the same reason.

1. The perfect solution to decrease production costs with electric motor covers. 

2. Cool and shield electric motors significantly reducing electric motor rewinds and replacements.

3. Virtual cooling tunnel. RexMotorCover™ creates a "virtual cooling tunnel" which lowers motor operating temperature. A ten degree Celsius reduction in motor operating temperature extends motor winding life by half.

4. These innovative covers are responsible for saving individual companies hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on motor maintenance and downtime costs.

5. RexMotorCovers™ are standardized for any NEMA and IEC frame size.​